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Third issue of the Australian Journal of Law and Religion is now available (Complete Issue) 


 Volume 3, 2023

Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-ii) Download


Ysabel Andrea Abordo & Alex Deagon, Religious Freedom and Freedom from Religious Discrimination: Implications for the Religious Discrimination Bill (pp. 1-19) Download

Guy Baldwin, Freedom of Religion Under the Australian Constitution: Is Proportionality the Answer? (pp. 20-36) Download

Samuel Blanch, Legal Pluralism and Islamic Law in Australia (pp. 37-51)  Download

David Goodwin & Paul Reynolds, Congregational Religious Trusts in Victoria’s Churches of Christ (pp. 52-68) Download

Andrew Hemming, Is Leaving God to Make the Choice an Answer to a Charge of Murder by Reckless Indifference to Human Life or Manslaughter? A Case Study of Queensland Criminal Law (pp. 69-90) Download

Book Reviews

Myriam Hunter-Henin, Review of A Principled Framework for the Autonomy of Religious Communities: Reconciling Freedom and Discrimination by Alex Deagon (pp. 91-93) Download

Benjamin Saunders, Review of Christianity and Constitutionalism by Nicholas Aroney and Ian Leigh (eds.) (pp. 94-95) Download

Special Topic Forum: Indigenous Spirituality and the Law

Darshan Datar, The Voice and Religious Freedom (pp. 96-100) Download

Ivan Ingram, Cultural and Spiritual Loss in Native Title (pp. 101-102) Download

Samsul Maarif, Indigenous Religious Freedom: A Goal to Pursue in Indonesia (pp. 103-107) Download

Laura Rademaker, Country, Tradition, and Christianity in the Law (pp. 108-110) Download