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Second issue of the Australian Journal of Law and Religion is now available


Volume 2, 2023

Special Issue: Religious Freedom, Sexuality, and Gender Identity

Alex Deagon and Jeremy Patrick, Editorial (pp. i-iii)


Nicholas Butler, May Australian States Impose Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Obligations on Religious Schools? A Rejoinder to Foster (pp. 1-19)

Alex Deagon, Reconciling Freedom and Equality for Peaceful Coexistence: On the Need to Reframe the Religious Exemptions in the Sex Discrimination Act (pp. 20-35)

Mark Fowler, The Position of Religious Schools Under International Human Rights Law (pp. 36-55)

Rena MacLeod, Legislating Gender Prejudice: Religion and the Overturning of Roe v Wade (pp. 56-69)

Rhett Martin, Conversion Practices Legislation in Victoria – A Potential Crisis for Church Authority? (pp. 70-80)

Timothy Nugent, Statements of Belief as Political Communication (81-90)

Book Reviews

Barry W. Bussey, Review of Law and Religion in the Commonwealth: The Evolution of Case Law edited by Renae Barker, Paul T. Babie, and Neil Foster (pp. 91-92)

Jeremy Patrick, Review of The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye (pp. 93-94)

Special Topic Forum: Religious Freedom, Sexuality, and Gender Identity

Nicholas Aroney, Cherry Picking Human Rights (pp. 95-100)

Patrick Byrne, What Does Gender Identity Mean in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984? (pp. 101-103)

Robert W. Hefner, The Politics of Indonesia’s New Criminal Code (pp. 104-106)